Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A margin of error: ABC misleads the electorate

The ABC breakfast program has demonstrated a lack of professionalism by publishing false and misleading information by claiming a contest in the seat of Melbourne between the ALP and the Greens.

In 2007 (Melbourne) primary vote:
  • The Australian Labor Party in 2007 of 43,363 (49.51%)
  • The Greens 19,967 (22.80%)
  • The Liberal Party polled 20,577 (23.49%)

After distribution of preferences The Greens out poll the Liberal Party by a margin of 591 (0.67%) only following the distribution of Democrats preferences.

The contest in Melbourne is not between the ALP and the Greens 4% margin but between the Greens and the Liberal Party with a margin of 0.67% .

The Greens had the so called "Donkey Vote", where voters preference from the top down the list, which can represent up to 1.5% of the electorate.  The Greens ill once agsin have teh Dionkey vote in their favour.

The ABC did not interview the Liberal Party candidate. Why?

AEC Full results

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