Monday, 29 November 2010

Unfinished Business: Accountability of good governance

An area of considerable concern, although not high on the voters list, is the diminishing level of government accountability at the senior administrative level. 

Rob Hulls, in his term as Attorney General, did an exemplary job, in all areas of legislative reform, except on parliamentary government accountability.

A Baillieu Government will have to deliver accountability that the labor government had not.

With the possibility of the Liberal Goevrnment securing an absolute majority of the both houses the temptation is to not put in place or dealy the implementation of structure and adminstrative proceedures that will subejct the executive government to held to account.

The role of the Ombudsman had been undermined and structure to hold the government administration to account had not be been put in place.
Officers of the Parliament are currently exempt from independent review and oversight that parliament could not provide.

The Ombudsman should have authority and power to independently review the administration of Parliamentary officers as it does government departments. 

In addition to the strengthening of the role of the Office of the Ombudsman the recommendations of the Proust review on the Administration of Government accountability should also be implemented without delay.

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