Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pauline Hanson is back in the fryer and mix of batter fishing for votes

ABC Election Analyst Antony Green's take on the Hanson factor

Missing from Antony Green's analysis commentary is the impact of Julian Assange's Wikileaks Party and the flaws in the way we count the Senate vote

Analysis of the 2007 Victorian Senate count shows that had Pauline Hanson - One Nation preference the LNP before the ALP ahead of the Greens David Feeney would have been defeated and the Greens would have been elected. This is primarily due to the distortion in the way the Senate vote is counted.

The Australian Senate voting system is an approximation proportional vote count. Its not pure proportional.

It's method of counting the vote is outdated with flaws in the calculation of the transfer vale and segmentation of excluded candidates vote

The system needs reform. A weighted transfer value and a reiterative count where the count is reset and restarted on every exclusion as if the excluded candidate had not stood. In the past such a model was prohibitive to count manually, With the use of computer aided counting and "above the line" voting a reiterative count with a weighted transfer value would better reflect the voters intentions.

Consideration should also be given to abolishing the Droop quota where the cake is divided by 7 and a slice thrown away. A system that inflates the value of some votes denying up to 14% of the electorate the right of representation of a candidate of their choice.

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