Sunday, 1 September 2013

ABC engaged in censorship preventing open and informed discussion on our electoral system

The ABC appear to be censoring comments informing the public that Wikileaks with 2-3$ can win in WA. WHY?

The ABC interview with Julian Assange was clearly bias. Other parties such as Clive Palmer and Bob Katter are not subjected to the same focus of attack.

Wikileaks is a threat to the Greens which explains why the Greens are now attacking Wikileaks. Wikileaks is a competitor, not a partner to, the Greens

Group Ticket Preference do not indicate endorsement or an alliance. The Greens have preferenced Clive Palmer in South Australia.

The Droop quota dividing the cake by seven and throwing away a slice distorts the proportionality of the vote. More so than the below the line voting. Most BTL votes tend to follow the general thrust of the party of the voters first preference. Those that don't cancel each other out in a similar way the democrat or Socialist Equality Party slip tickets do.

When you add to this the distortion in the calculation of the surplus transfer vale. the method of segmentation and distribution of votes for candidates that are excluded the proportionality is even more diluted

We need to fix the way in which we count the vote, Droop quota, Surplus transfer and order of distribution of preferences. All of these distortions were introduced to facilitate a manual counting process, including the above the line voting system.

In 2007 Queensland Senate election the system of segmented distribution elected the wrong candidate. if you recount the 2007 QLD vote excluding all candidates except the last seven standing (3 ALP, 3LNP and 1 GRN) Larisa Waters should have been elected.

A preferred method of distribution is to reset and restart the count on each exclusion, distributing each preferences as if the excluded candidate(s) had not stood. with surpluses distributed on each iteration. One transaction/iteration per excluded candidate.

In te past with a manual count a reiterative distribution was prohibitive., With computer aided counting this is no longer the case. A reiterative count reflects the voters intentions .
In Europe they have a representation threshold of 3-5%. and instead of preferences that use the party list. If we can not fix the preferential STV voting system then system then maybe we should just adopt the party list system.

I trust that this comment will be published and not censored as past comments have and the ABC facilitates open and informed discussion on our voting system

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