Saturday, 7 September 2013

Consolidation of vote raises the Titanic of Twerks as campaign comes to a close

As predicted there is a consolidation of the vote in the last week of the campaign with the electorate voting to put an end to minority government

The Senate is no expection, the real winner being Clive Palmer is is estimated to win 4-6% of the ational vote and even higher in Queensland where Palmer United could win a senate seat

Wikileaks whilst in a good position on preferences failed to make inroads against the Greens.  The Greens campiagning hard to ensure they Wikileaks would not eat into their support base.

The ALP is expected to retain 2 seats in each state and one seat in NT and ACT

The latest Morgan Poll shows the extent of the swing to Palmer United Party

Senate prediction last week of campaign

LNP 3 seats, ALP 2 seats and Greens 1

LNP 3 seats, ALP 2 seats and Greens in toss up with Palmer United

LNP 2, ALP 2, XEN 1 and a toss up between the Greens or PUP for the last seat. 

LNP 3, ALP 2, most likely PUP for the last seat in contest with the Greens. 

LNP 3, ALP 2, The Greens expected to lose out to Palmer United

LNP 3 ALP 2, GRN 1

ALP 1, LNP 1


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