Sunday, 22 September 2013

Request to AEC: Maintaining an open and transparent electoral process

Dear Australian Electoral Commission,

 I request that the Electoral Commission as part of its obligations
and commitment to maintaining an open and transparent electoral
process publish progressively during the data-entry process copies
of the electronic data entry preference data files used to tabulate
the election results.

This information should be readily available and certified copies
of the data files MUST be published prior to the declaration of the

There is no legislative or overriding reason why this information
is not published on line as is the case with other electoral
results. An electronic record of the data is the same as any other
document or record.

It is fundamental that our electoral system is open and transparent
and subject to full independent scrutiny

By refusing to make this information available for scrutiny
undermines public confidence and brings the Electoral Commission
and the election itself into disrepute

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