Friday, 13 September 2013

WA Senate: Analysis of Ticket vote count as of 8:00PM today using reiterative count

WA Senate

Analysis of the results based current Group data using a reiterative count system where the count is reset and restarted on every exclusion. (Only Surpluses are distributed on each iteration). Single Weighted Transfer per candidate no segmentation. distortions in the current outdated Senate Counting system removed. Where:

Votes for excluded candidates are redistributed as if the excluded
candidate had not stood

Produces the following results

Elected ID Candidate Group
1 56 JOHNSTON Liberal
2 52 BULLOCK Australian Labor Party
3 11 WANG Palmer United Party
4 57 CASH Liberal
5 58 REYNOLDS Liberal
6 53 PRATT Australian Labor Party

You can test the system by counting the vote as recorded on the ABC Senate calculator excluding all candidates but the last seven standing  3 LNP, 2 ALP 1 PUP 1 GRN
The reason those parties are chosen is that they are the ones left standing at the end of a reiterative count. Sport Party losing out earlier in the count.

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