Friday, 20 September 2013

Antony Green catchs on that WA is a close call election.

It took Antony Green over a week to determine what we identified was going to a close call in WA

Antony Green needs to also factor in FARMER one nation's votes. and the distortion in the way the AEC count the Senate Vote. The method of calculating the surplus Transfer value and the segmentation distribution of excluded candidates. T

Add to this the fact that the AEC is refusing to provide scrutineers with copies for the Below-the-line preference data-entry data-files and the outcome is anyone's guess.  The Senate count is not open or transparent. Without access to the data-entry file it is impossible to scrutinise the election.
It is akin to shopping at a supermarket and scanning your goods but not being given a receipt or a running total of your purchases.
There are serious issues with the lack of transparency, openness and accuracy in the counting and distribution of the senate count.   the extent of the distortion in the calculation of the surplus transfer value alone can add up to the equivalent of over 10,000 votes

The system of segmentation also distorts the outcome of the election. Something Antony Green is in denial, having refused to examine and recount the Queensland 2007 Senate vote .  Try recounting the QLD 2007 Senate vote by excluding  all candidates except the last seven standing (3 ALP, 3 LNP and 1 Grn)

Redistributing votes as if the excluded candidates had not stood.
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Had Antony Green taken time to review the Queensland 2007 Election he would have soon relised the extent of the flaw in the way the Senate vote is counted.

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