Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ABC Senate Calculator shows WIkileaks in good position to pickup a seat from the Greens

Why has Antony Green  ABC not published the comment below?  Is he engaged in political censorship or down playing the potential success of Wikileaks Party embarrassed that his previous claim could be proven wrong, His won Calculator shows that Wikileaks can win a seat in WA.

Great to see the ABC calculator up and running

The ABC calculator shows Wikileaks is in a strong position to win in Western Australia with just 2% of the vote. at the expense of the Greens who are polling around 9% (-5).

The 5% loss to the Greens has to go somewhere.

The ALP and the LNP are expected to poll more or less the same in 2010.

Wikileaks picks up most of the preferences from SMK LDP HMP ASXP SPA KAP SPP and DEM early in the count and also secondary preferences from other parties once FFP is excluded

The likelihood of Wikileaks out polling the Greens and winning the sixth seat explains much of the misconceptions and misleading statements by the Greens who are now attacking Wikileaks.
What is you assessment or Wikileaks chances in WA?

On another issue re design of the ABC calculator:

Is it possible to implement a data population ULR feed, as is the case in the ABC HoR Pendulum calculator? This would make it much more useful.

Thanks again

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