Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Question to Antony Green on Droop Quota used in the Senate Count

Why is the quota for the Senate calculated by dividing the total number of votes by seven and not six.

 This unfairly denies up to 14% of the voters in having a say who represents them as their vote is discarded.

In last years City of Melbourne Municipal election Robert Doyles Team had 38% of the vote and elected 3 positions on the Council. the remaining 8% was not counted. The Greens with just 14% elected two positions. Had the cake been divided by 9 as opposed to 10 and a slice thrown away the Team Doyle surplus would have elected a community based candidate instead of the Greens second candidate Rohan Leppert.


The use of the Droop quota distorts the proportional of the count.

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