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WA Senate Group Preference Flow

The Greens are attacking Wikileaks for their preference allocation placing the National Party ahead of the Greens.claiming that Wikileaks party owes the Greens a better deal

The fact is that Wikileaks would have to be excluded from the count before the National Party and the irony of it is the more that the Greens attack Wikileaks the more likely a National Party could out-poll Wikileaks.  (This is unlikely)  the only way we can see the National Party out polling Wikileaks is if the Coalition handed out a separate HTV card urging its supporters in rural WA to vote for the Nationals thus upping their vote.  In 2010 the National polled less than 4%
The Greens think they are somehow a protected species.

To the Greens dismay Wikileaks is a competitor not a partner and is likely to win over the Greens in WA

ABC State Seat Historical voting statistics used asa base in analysis

You can play with the outcome using the ABC Senate calculator.  I suggest you start by allocating a percentage to Wikileaks and deducting that from the Greens vote and then adjust all other parties percentage to accommodate the other minor parties that are standing for the first time in WA

Western Australia

Candidate Party
1 David JOHNSTON Liberal Party
2 Joe BULLOCK Australian Labor Party
3 Michaelia CASH Liberal Party
4 Linda REYNOLDS Liberal Party
5 Louise PRATT Australian Labor Party
6 Gerry GEORGATOS The Wikileaks Party

ID    Group Name                                                    Preference Flow 

 A Smokers Rights  WKP   FFP   NP   LP   ALP   GRN
 B Liberal Democrats  WKP   FFP   NP   LP   ALP   GRN
 C Australian Christians  FFP   LP   NP   ALP   WKP   GRN
 D Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party  WKP   GRN   ALP   FFP   NP   LP
 E Socialist Equality Party  GRN   NP   ALP   LP   WKP   FFP
 E Socialist Equality Party  ALP   LP   WKP   FFP   GRN   NP
 E Socialist Equality Party  LP   WKP   FFP   GRN   NP   ALP
 F Palmer United Party  FFP   WKP   GRN   NP   LP   ALP
 G Shooters and Fishers  FFP   LP   NP   ALP   WKP   GRN
 H Australian Voice Party  FFP   WKP   NP   LP   ALP   GRN
 I Sex Party  WKP   GRN   ALP   NP   LP   FFP
 J Secular Party of Australia  WKP   GRN   ALP   NP   LP   FFP
 K Australian Independents  FFP   WKP   GRN   NP   LP   ALP
 L The Wikileaks Party  WKP   NP   GRN   ALP   LP   FFP
 M Katter's Australian Party  WKP   FFP   LP   NP   GRN   ALP
 N Family First Party  FFP   WKP   LP   NP   ALP   GRN
 O No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics  FFP   WKP   NP   LP   ALP   GRN
 P Stable Population Party  WKP   FFP   GRN   ALP   LP   NP
 P Stable Population Party  WKP   FFP   ALP   GRN   LP   NP
 P Stable Population Party  WKP   FFP   LP   GRN   ALP   NP
 Q Stop The Greens  WKP   FFP   NP   LP   ALP   GRN
 R Australian Democrats  WKP   GRN   ALP   LP   NP   FFP
 R Australian Democrats  WKP   GRN   LP   ALP   NP   FFP
 S The Greens (WA)  GRN   WKP   ALP   FFP   NP   LP
 T Animal Justice Party  WKP   FFP   GRN   ALP   LP   NP
 U The Nationals  NP   LP   WKP   FFP   ALP   GRN
 V Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party  FFP   LP   NP   ALP   WKP   GRN
 W Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party  FFP   WKP   NP   ALP   LP   GRN
 W Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party  FFP   WKP   NP   LP   ALP   GRN
 X Australian Sports Party  WKP   FFP   NP   LP   GRN   ALP
 Y Rise Up Australia Party  FFP   LP   NP   ALP   WKP   GRN
 Z Australian Labor Party  ALP   GRN   WKP   FFP   NP   LP
AA Liberal  LP   NP   FFP   ALP   WKP   GRN

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